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How to Replace a Husqavarna Chain Saw Fuel Filter

    • 1). Empty the saw's gas tank. Start the saw and run it until the engine cuts out.

    • 2). Disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor, which will be located in the rear of the saw, near the throttle. On some models, you may have to remove the air filter, but you shouldn't have to disassemble the throttle.

    • 3). Use the pliers to pull the old fuel filter farther into the gas tank. The fuel filter is connected to the fuel line. Pull out enough of the fuel line so the old fuel filter comes out of the gas tank.

    • 4). Take off the old fuel filter by pulling it off with your hands. It may take a few tugs to get it loose. Throw away the old fuel filter.

    • 5). Place the new fuel filter onto the fuel line and twist it in place. Push it back into the gas tank. With the pliers, feed the fuel line back through its casing. You may have to wiggle the line back and forth to get it to slide all the way in.

    • 6). From the rear of the saw, use the pliers to pull out the exposed fuel line. Reattach the fuel line to the carburetor. Refit the gas cap back on the saw.

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