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How to Get Free Stuff in Las Vegas

    • 1). Get a Player's Club Card to use at Las Vegas casinos. These cards can be used to gamble and play games at casinos. By using the card, you gain points that can be redeemed with the casino for free stuff. Many casinos have cards that accumulate reward bonus points.

    • 2). Ask about your hotel's free offers or discounts before you book your room. Frequent visitors can earn discounts and even free stays at some hotels.

    • 3). Find a copy of the Las Vegas Hotel Fun Book. This book is filled with coupons and special offers that can often include getting free stuff. Most hotels carry it as do the convention and visitor centers.

    • 4). Buy the American Casino Guide. Flip to the back of the book to find the coupon section, which includes a lot of two-for-one deals.

    • 5). Ask the pit boss at many of the gambling tables to keep track of any bets you make. Once a casino knows that you are a frequent customer, they are more likely to provide you with free stuff.

    • 6). Pick up any of the Las Vegas magazines you find in the airport, your hotel and other places around town. These contain discount coupons and free offers.

    • 7). Contact some Las Vegas hotels to find out if they have any free shows or attractions while you're in town. Hotels often have free shows and events to attract patrons.

    • 8). Ask for free drinks when you are inside the casinos. Most casinos supply free drinks for those who are gambling. However, if you are gambling on the cheapest slot machines, you may have to move over to a different area to find drink options.

    • 9). Talk to casino and hotel managers to get free stuff. They want your business, and many of them will accommodate you if you ask nicely.

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