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List of Foods Hermit Crabs Can Eat

    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    • In the wild, hermit crabs eat fallen fruits and vegetables, and these may be used both as a treat or as as staple. recommends shreds of lettuces, slices of banana and grapes. Remove any excess food from the tank within 24 hours if the hermit crabs do not eat it. This prevents the fresh food from going bad in the tank.


    • Hermit crabs are opportunistic feeders and they will eat any meat that you place in the tank. Meat is high in protein and fat, and should only be offered sparingly. Cook the meat well before you give it to the hermit crab and ensure that there is no butter or sauce on the meat. Like the fruits and vegetables, the meat should be removed within a day to discourage it from going bad or attracting pests.

    Dry Foods

    • The bulk of the food consumed by hermit crabs in captivity is dry, and it ranges from commercial foods to foods that may be prepared at home. Some dry foods that may be included in the hermit crab's diet include cuttlebones, dried plankton or krill, and dried rice. A small amount of salt may be added to the dry food to ensure that the hermit crabs get the salt that they need as well.


    • Because hermit crabs are omnivorous, you can feed them a number of different things as treats. According to, some treats that hermit crabs appreciate include cooked eggs, cereal, crackers, applesauce and popcorn. You may also try to give them a small spoonful of sweet baby food as a treat from time to time. Hermit crabs have individual tastes, so experiment to find out what they like best.

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