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Mississauga Mortgage Broker Finds the Low Interest Mortgage Financing Options over the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner and holiday shopping mania is about to begin. Whether you like to prepare for the holidays in advance or are a last minute shopper, holiday financial planning could mean the difference between a stress free new year and facing a landslide of credit card bills.

Homeowners have many options as it relates to holiday financial planning and now is a better time than ever to consider consolidating your debt. Your home is your best shot at securing low interest mortgage financing and there are currently many low interest mortgage financing options available in Ontario.

Low interest mortgage financing options could include a secured line of credit, a first mortgage refinance or a second mortgage, and the best option for you will depend on your personal financial circumstances and the type of debt you are looking to consolidate.

Those who don't have a lot of debt ($15,000 or less) may be best suited for a line of credit. Lines of credit generally offer low interest rates and you only use what you need. A line of credit is considered a low interest mortgage financing option and gives you the flexibility of a low monthly payment with an option to pay as much as you want (when you have extra money). If you live in Mississauga, a Mississauga Mortgage Broker can help you to obtain a low interest line of credit that offers you the maximum benefits.

If you owe $16,000 - $25,000 in debt a second mortgage may be the best choice. Because second mortgages offer a fixed repayment, this low interest mortgage option will enable you to consolidate your debt and fix your monthly payment so that you know when you will be debt free. With second mortgages, you can set your amortization as low as 5 years which is essentially a 5 year consolidation loan. After you make your payments over 5 years, your debt is paid in full. A $25,000 mortgage financed on a 5 year amortization could bear a monthly payment as low as $500 per/month.

If you owe more than $25,000 in debt, refinancing your first mortgage is likely the best choice. Once you have accumulated a significant amount of debt, a second mortgage amortized over a short period of time may bear a monthly payment that is too much for your budget to take. Refinancing your first mortgage is an excellent low interest mortgage financing option that will create immediate cash flow and put an end to multiple payments to various credit cards.

All of these low interest mortgage financing options will enable you to consolidate your debt, will reduce your payments to one single monthly payment and allow you to start the New Year off without the usual landslide of credit card bills come January. Homeowners in Mississauga should consider speaking to a local Mississauga Mortgage Broker for the lowest interest mortgage financing options that are available locally.

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