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How to Replace the Trim for a Tub Drain

    • 1). Look at the center of the drain to see if there is a tub stopper that moves down and up. If so, grasp it with your hand and turn it counterclockwise until it comes free from the drain. There may also be a grate cover with screws that you remove with a screwdriver.

    • 2). Pick up a master drain extractor tool and insert it down into the drain as far as it will go. The small square part of the tool should face upward.

    • 3). Insert a 1/2-inch socket wrench onto the square part of the tool and push the handle of the wrench to the right using firm pressure. You may need to hit the handle of the wrench with your hand to get it to move initially.

    • 4). Continue turning the socket wrench handle until the drain is removed from the tub.

    • 5). Insert a new drain into the hole, making sure the outer circular trim is perfectly centered.

    • 6). Insert the master drain extractor into the new drain and insert the socket wrench onto the top of the extractor.

    • 7). Turn the handle of the wrench clockwise until it will no longer turn to secure the new drain.

    • 8). Replace the grate or stopper on top of the new drain trim, if desired.

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