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Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Perpetrator

It does not matter how old you are the anger and guilt from childhood sexual abuse will have lasting effects.
Childhood sexual abuse is widespread, and affects every corner of the world, every culture, social, religious, economic structure is infiltrated by this affliction.
The perpetrators don't stand out from anyone else, but blend in.
To look at them, they seem normal, friendly, trustful and you would never pick them out of a crowd.
If they are violent by nature you will not see it.
Many of them are charismatic, liked by everyone.
They come from all walks of life, some are rich, some are poor.
Some carry distinguished positions, or positions of trust, judges, police officers, doctors, lawyers, etc, others do not.
They could be anyone.
These perpetrators target defenseless children, who are trusting, and many times it is their own children.
All through history there have been those that prey on the naive and trusting child.
Many do not stop at one, generally going on to another victim when the child becomes too old.
They see nothing wrong with what they are doing, in fact many feel they are showing the child love.
They have little or no regard for the damage they leave behind.
The victim is left to deal with the emotional scars that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
Some will never see the trauma and emotional stress that these ones suffer on a daily basis, especially as they become adults.
If they do see a problem, they would never put it down to the effects of the sexual abuse.
However there are some who will see the effects of sexual abuse and this is usually the partner in a relationship.
It is far from an easy life for either the victim or their partner.
They say that time heals all things, however the distress that these victims of sexual abuse deal with does not go away on its own.
It festers and causes anguish, sickness, emotional trauma and pain that does not let up.
It does not go away, nor can it be forgotten as some people think.
This is why help is necessary for recovery.
If help is not given, some of these victims can fall into more serious problems such as major depression and suicide as well as many relationship failures.

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