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How to Travel to Ireland on a Budget

    • 1). Fly during the off-season to take advantage of lower airfares, reduced hotel costs and promotional travel packages that may include car rental services. The off-season in Ireland runs from roughly mid-October to Saint Patrick's Day or Easter. The rate of travel dramatically drops from November to mid-March.

    • 2). Purchase a consolidator ticket. International consolidator tickets are available through airline consolidators and are a great way to reduce the cost of air travel to Ireland. Contact a local or online consolidator for quotes. (It is important to mention that consolidator tickets are purchased in bulk and then sold to the public at discounted rates.)

    • 3). Track the exchange rate and change money when the rate is most favorable for the U.S. dollar. Avoid exchanging money at the airport, as exchange fees could apply.

    • 4). Contact your credit card company to determine whether a currency conversion charge is added to credit card purchases made in a foreign currency (i.e., the Euro). This charge can range from 1 to 3 percent.

    • 5). Plan your own itinerary instead of using a commercial touring company.

    • 6). Visit the spectacular coastal scenery of Ireland instead of expensive tourist attractions. Travel to Achill Island in County Mayo to climb the High Cliffs or the sea cliffs at Slieve League in County Donegal. These spectacular cliffs are free to tour and climb and make a great vacation destination.

    • 7). Make free heritage attractions your top priority. Hill of Tara and Glendalough are free to the public and are great destinations for travelers in search of culture, history and scenery.

    • 8). Make national parks a part of your itinerary. Visit Killarney (County Kerry) and Connemara (County Galway) when traveling in the Republic of Ireland. If you're traveling in Northern Ireland, visit Glenariff in the Glens of Antrim, a forest park in County Antrim.

    • 9). Stay away from expensive hotels if flying during the tourist season and stay in youth or travel hostels. Many offer large rooms for multiple travelers or families. Book in advance to ensure availability.

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