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How to Remove a SIM Card From a Samsung Solstice

    • 1). Hold down the "Power/End" button on the top of your phone for five seconds. Wait for the phone to power down completely.

    • 2). Flip over the phone in your hand so that the back is facing you. Apply pressure to the bottom half of the battery cover with your thumb and then push toward the top of the phone until the cover slides up. Set the battery cover aside.

    • 3). Use your thumbnail to wedge the bottom part of the battery up and out of the cell phone body. Set the battery aside.

    • 4). Use the nail of your index finger to gently lift the exposed portion of the SIM card and then slide it out of the SIM card slot. Set the SIM card aside.

    • 5). Insert the battery, making sure to line up the metal contacts on the battery and the phone body. Place the battery cover on the back of the phone and slide it down into place until you hear a click.

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