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The History of the Lewisburg National Bank

    Lewsiburg National Bank in the 19th Century

    • The Lewisburg National Bank was started in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1853. According to the American Cyclopaedia of National Biography, the bank began as the Lewisburg Savings Bank and changed its name to the Lewisburg National Bank after passage of federal banking laws.

    Founder William Cameron

    • The bank was founded by William Cameron, a wealthy Pennsylvania contractor who built bridges, tunnels and dams in Pennsylvania. Cameron also invested in real estate, amassing a substantial fortune.

    FDIC Records

    • The Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation details the history of the bank since its founding in 1853. For more than a hundred years, the bank operated under the Lewisburg National Bank name before merging with another bank in 1980.

    Lewisburg National Bank in the 20th Century

    • The Lewisburg National Bank merged with the Northern Central Bank in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1980 and operated under the Northern Central name until 1999, when it merged with and took the name of the Keystone Financial Bank in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 2000, the bank merged and changed names again, becoming the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company in Buffalo, New York, the name under which it still operates.

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