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Be an Expert Lover - Learn the Secrets of the Clitoris Orgasm

You are about to learn the secrets of the clitoris orgasms? Many men secretly see women as mysterious, complex and unpredictable creatures.
With the benefit of my experience and being a girl who loves sex I will take you into that glorious hidden world, which will increase your chances of becoming a mind-blowing, unforgettable lover! For both men and women, sex is more than a purely physical thing.
Your fantasies can be one of the most exciting ways to spice up a relationship! Moreover, it may surprise you to know that women can sometimes achieve spontaneous orgasm purely through fantasizing or, as has happened to me, through sexy dreams.
One way or another, women's conscious and unconscious thoughts play a very big role in their sexual responses.
Most women love to experience masculine strength - they may even fantasize about being held down by a strong man - but in reality it can be quite scary being naked and vulnerable with someone bigger and stronger than yourself.
There is a world of difference between a game and the real thing.
Some women fantasize about being forced to have sex - but that does not mean they really want it to happen! So be sensitive and careful, and - if your partner wishes - find ways to play out fantasies safely.
Can women get aroused as quickly as men? Women do take longer to arouse than men.
If if you are an inexperienced lover, then it likely that you will need to take things more slowly than you would like.
Girls tend to have erogenous (sexually excitable!) zones all over their bodies, not just around the sex organs, as is predominantly the case with men.
The breasts are usually very sensitive and erotic (and most men can't wait to touch them!).
Girls love being touched in other places, for instance, the neck, the tummy, the lower back, the inner thighs.
Each woman will have her special sensitive places: getting to know these as you explore her body is one of the joys of a new relationship - and a good way to revive an old one too! Touch is very important to women, and by stroking her gently in her favorite places, you connect to her emotions, which in turn heighten her sexual arousal.
Even if you are desperately randy, do not insist on penetrative sex when your partner is obviously not ready.
Use stroking and cuddles to let her know you care and make her feel wanted for herself, not just as a sex object.
It may also happen that simply touching and cuddling, helps her relax and feel gently sensual - which will lead to sexual activity! Physically, your partner will be quicker to arouse - her vagina will lubricate more quickly, her clitoris will become more erect than usual, her nipples especially sensitive.
Kiss, lick and nibble her gently and slowly all down her body: mouth, neck, breasts, and tummy.
By the time you reach her clitoris and the lips of her vagina, you will probably be amazed at her juicy receptiveness! Some men, in my experience, have a selfish approach to sex.
They are easily arousal through stimulation of the penis.
Women's bodies, however, require a less direct approach and offer many exciting but less obvious sensitive zones.
I have actually met men who think that fondling my nipples with one hand and exploring my clitoris and vulva with the other is going to turn me on! Well, it might - if the setting was right, if I was crazy about the guy, and if lots of other more gentle exploration had taken place beforehand.
If he had kissed me slowly and gently on my lips and neck, stroked my hair, softly caressed my body all over, saving the 'obvious' places till last...
now just thinking about that is starting to turn me on! Yes guys, kissing really is important - and not just on the mouth, but all over! The truth is, kissing well is much easier when you do really care about the person.
Then it becomes a gorgeously pleasurable experience in itself - tasting, probing, exploring Our mouths are extremely sensitive organs, capable of giving and receiving so much pleasure.
Sex is a fantastic opportunity to revisit our most primal desires and satisfaction - when else do we really get to explore another human being in such an intimate way?! Take time to rediscover what your lips and tongue can do.
However, please remember that nibbling must be gentle - the majority of women do NOT want to be hurt, so restrain those biting instincts! Think of kissing as a mouth massage.
This is the most delightful way to explore those multiple erogenous zones, which your partner will surely have.
There is nothing more erotic than feeling your lover work his way slowly up, down, over and across your body, stroking and kissing.
The longer you can restrain yourself from visiting the 'obvious' places (i.
, breasts and vaginal area) the more turned on your partner will be, and when you do finally reach that secret place, she will be desperate for deep, fulfilling sex! Cuddling, stroking and touch in general are also all-important for most women.
Do them often! OK we have covered the importance of foreplay: Now we are ready to go to the heights of sexual pleasure.
Believe me most men have NO idea.
G-spot - Clitoris they think they know believe me 99 out of a hundred do not know.
Do you know? The so-called G-spot is a patch about half to one inch in diameter on the front wall of a woman's vagina, usually about 2 - 3 inches inside.
It feels slightly raised and rough to the touch - until the woman is very aroused! When a woman is about to orgasm, the G-spot becomes smooth and very lubricated.
If you are bringing her off through oral sex, it is very useful to slip your finger into her vagina since the G-spot will help you know how close she is to coming.
Your touch will almost certainly add to her pleasure too! There has been a lot of discussion over the years about orgasm via the G-spot and orgasm via the clitoris - whether they are the same, whether one is better than the other well I can only talk from personal experience.
Orgasm through purely clitoral stimulation can be very intensely pleasurable; all of a woman's genitals are sensitive and can, with the right stimulation, produce orgasm - simply because the nerve endings are connected to both the clitoris and G-spot.
For instance, some women climax through patting or gentle spanking on their outer genitals - which in reality is stimulating both places.
One of my most amazing experiences ever was no less than nine orgasms one after the other! It happened, when I was very relaxed, after a prolonged period of arousal and a long lovemaking session, after my first orgasm the sense of arousal was even more intense and I was desperate for more! Even after cuming several times I was still horny, my lover was incredibly turned on by all this, wonderful lovemaking.
This incredible feeling seems to happen when my G-spot has been stimulated as well as my clitoris.
The secret is after a clitoral orgasm; my lover inserts his finger into my vagina and gently rubs my G-spot.
After orgasm, a woman's clitoris can be extremely sensitive, to touch.
Gentle stimulation is essential, NO do not turn over and go to sleep.
(One of the comments from the critics on my book was the fact that all my lovers were studs with 10-inch penis on reflection that did seem to be the case, Artistic license only.
) Sorry - if it made any one-feel inferior, these guys were the exception to the rule because they were also part of the Bangkok sex scene, guys who make their living sexually satisfying women.
) Contrary to believe you do not need to have a massive penis to give a girl satisfaction.
So let forget penis size, does not come into the equation.
Time to learn the secrets of an expert lover.
Nice meal, good wine, dancing, fun, complements on hair, dress, eyes, how beautiful she is make a girl feel good.
Do not be crude loud suggestive, above all do not drink to much, not cool man REALLY.
Drive to your place or the hotel, nice atmosphere, romantic music, coffee or drinks, intimate dancing.
Foreplay, kissing fondling needs to be loving and gentle.
Role-play fantasy, romantic setting, soft music, warm and comfortable, all form part of the sensual experience.
Sense of timing, you will know when things are warming up, (Remember guys you do not look good standing in your pants and socks so unless you are Brat Pitt soft lighting is called for, and practice striping you are not in the football dressing room this is seduction man it requires finesse.
Make sure you personal hygiene is good you need to be clean and smelling good, teeth cleaned, breath fresh.
Most important cut your nails short file them smooth fingers and toes) You maybe fired up and horny as hell, what you do next makes the difference between a good lover and a guy with only sexual gratification on his mind.
( A five minute wonder is great for us girls in the sex business money for short time that's cool but if you really what to be a good lover it takes control) Read the all the aforementioned: Kissing Fondling Caressing The longer you can restrain yourself from visiting the 'obvious' places (i.
, breasts and vaginal area) the more turned on your partner will be, and when you do finally reach that secret place, she will be desperate for deep, fulfilling sex! By now you should be in the bedroom, or your chosen place to make love, maybe on the lamb's wool rug in front of the fire, most girls prefer soft bed.
Just a bedside light or candles, Slowly encourage your lover to undress, both naked, admire each part of her body tell how beautiful and sexy she looks; kiss her all over.
The signs should be there, kissing passionate, breathing heavy.
It is at this stage your average guy loses control and is going to satisfy his lust (becomes yet another five minute wonder) But not you? You are the man who will give this girl multiple orgasms go to number one on her all time list of lovers.
Kiss her naked body all over do not kiss her nipples or pussy yet, only her neck lips ears, suck her toes and kiss all the way up to her inner thighs.
When she is pleading with you to take her, open her legs wide (You know from the photo where clitoris is, towards the top of her pussy) Slip your tongue between the lips of her wet pussy and lick the tip of her erect clitoris apply firm on and off pressure with your tongue, up and down and in circular movements until she is thrusting her hips up for more and moaning with pleasure.
Then simultaneously slip your forefinger up inside.
Seeking her G-spot is about half to one inch in diameter on the front wall of her vagina, usually about 2 - 3 inches inside.
She will be very aroused! and about to have an amazing orgasm, her G-spot will be smooth and very lubricated, the oral sex will be giving her orgasms , with your finger in her vagina playing with her sensitive G-spot she will have multiple orgasms, pleading with you to penetrate her, by now she will be at climax, the feeling sending her wild with feeling.
She will reach a wonderful climax, as you slip you penis right up inside her, grip the cheeks of her bum and drive it in with force, so your pelvic bone is simulating her erect clitoris.
If you can control your ejaculation and keep driving it in and out each thrust harder and deeper, she will push her hips up to take you right up inside her when you finally reach your climax it will take her to the best orgasms she has every had.
You will be the MAN, and a very satisfied man.
She will be a happy happy girl.
You will truly be an expert lover.
Which will bring you and your partners real pleasure for many years to come.

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