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KuulAire PACKA40 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit, 350 CFM (KuulAire PACKA40 Portable Air Condition

The KuulAire PACKA40 Portable Evaporative Cooling unit (KuulAire PACKA40 Portable Air Conditioner) is an efficient and eco-friendly portable evaporative cooling unit that has a 150 sq ft cooling capacity and 350 CFM. It's powerful and there are no refrigerants used. KuulAire PACKA40 portable air conditioner has a 2.5-gallon water and airflow capacities and will easily lower the temperature 10 to 25 degrees. This portable evaporative cooling unit provides cool, refreshing air and you will feel a natural effect in your place. KuulAire PACKA40 air conditioner is mobile and can be easily moved from one room to another. It fits well a small area thanks to its compact size.

KuulAire PACKA40 Air Conditioner: Features and Specifications

The large airflow capacity makes this portable evaporative cooling unit working constantly and providing cool in your room or office. It can lower temperature by 10 to 25 degrees, and works well in any up to 150 sq ft area. There are no refrigerants used in this unit, which as a result provides natural effect while refreshing hot air. When needed to boost the cooling, a conjunction with an A/C can be used.

KuulAire PACKA40 air conditioner uses an evaporative cooling system which works based on the evaporative pad. The water is pushed through these pads and a fan that pulls the air over. This makes water to evaporate into the cool air. There are no specific requirements for water, so you can easily use tap water.

This portable cooling unit doesn't require assembly and is ready to be used right after you enter the box. KuulAire PACKA40 is 14.6 x 15.4 x 27 inches of size, weighs only 22 pounds, and thanks to the casers, you can move cooling unit anytime you need and to any space you desire to cool.

Together with the unit you will also get a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

KuulAire PACKA40 air conditioner: Customer Reviews

To evaluate KuulAire PACKA40 portable cooling unit, we asked a group of people to share their experience using this machine. We've received a number of feedbacks, and selected the most relevant ones – those that we believe will assist you making your choice. They are really useful, so read them all carefully.


The installation is not needed for KuulAire PACKA40 cooling unit, therefore, it's so easy to use and is much appreciated by the users that don't have time and wish to get into instructions: "All you need to do is to take it out from the box, put some water in and plug it. That's so simple!"


KuulAire PACKA40 is a portable cooling unit so you can use it in any place in your apartment or office, and move it to another area with no struggles. Even though it has casers, a couple of people commented that it might be little more difficult to move it on a carpet or other rough pavement: "I expected casers to roll all directions, and they do!, but the unit requires a bit more effort to transfer it on a tile"


As KuulAire PACKA40 is both a cooling unit and a fan, thus you can use it a whole year, especially if your place is dry. There were several reviewers who appreciated this 2-in-1 feature so much! This is what they said: "Our family lives in a house which is very dry during the winter, so we use KuulAire PACKA40 to dehumidify the air. We use it also during the summer when it works as a cooling unit. This is to say that we use KuulAire PACKA40 an entire year!"
Others said that KuulAire PACKA40 is powerful and performs well in bigger areas: "We use this cooling unit in our 200 sq ft space and it works really well considering that the manufacture stated capacity is of 150 sq ft"

Remote control

KuulAire PACKA40 portable cooling unit has a timer which allows to set your own cooling schedule. It also has a remote control system so you will never need to approach to the unit for adjustment. Together with this cooling unit you will also get a cradle so you will never lose the remote as it will always have its place.

The Pros:

* No requirements for water – tap water is fine
* 3-speed operation control available
* 2.5-gallon water capacity
* Portable and no difficulties to move around
* You won't need to assemble the unit, it's ready to go!

The Cons:

* There were two people who said that KuulAire PACKA40 makes noise when it's on. Actually, KuulAire PACKA40 makes noise as all other cooling units, so there is none that doesn't. We advise you to use the device when you aren't home, or if possible, put it to the area where it can be less audible.

KuulAire PACKA40 air conditioner: Our Rating

Thanks to people who provided their portable air conditioner reviews on KuulAire PACKA40, we can admit that by power, efficiency and design this is the best portable air conditioner.

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