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How to Design Vacation Homes

    • 1). Decide how you will use the space. Determine the number of people who are likely to visit the house at one time, and the types of activities that they will do. If the entire family will be going at once many times during the year, make sure that there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for them to share the space comfortably. Don't forget to account for new family additions that may arise from time to time.

    • 2). Design the home for vacation, not regular, usage. For instance, if you love to cook and plan to do a great deal of it on your vacation, you may want to design a bigger kitchen for your vacation home than you have in your actual home. Remember to include extras such as a bigger oven, more counter space, and similar elements. If you plan to do a great deal of gardening, purchase a big enough piece of land that will help make this possible.

    • 3). Ask friends or associates who have designed or vacationed in similar homes for their input. Determine the types of challenges they faced, and what they would have done differently if given the chance. For instance, perhaps they added a big landscaped backyard to their ski lodge, but as they only visit it during the winter months, the time and effort spent on landscaping was wasted. If they haven't designed their own home but enjoy taking vacations, ask what types of features they wish they saw more of in homes they visited.

    • 4). Consult an architect. This professional can draw up a floor plan or blueprint of your home that you can then take to a contractor. Ask the architect to point out flaws in your design that you may otherwise have overlooked. Have them make suggestions about how to improve your plan. If you are at a loss for design ideas, ask the architect to show you other examples of vacation home designs that you can incorporate into your own.

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