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Come on, Have a Drink!

Andy Martin and I were discussing some of the companies with which we strive to emulate.
It all started with a couple of trips to a few well-known business models that train employees to treat the customer like a king or queen.
You may be familiar with Starbucks, Nordstrom's, The Ritz Carlton, and FedEx.
Each of these fine companies operates a business model that puts the focus on the customer.
Why do consumers pay the inflated prices at these places? Why pay $3.
89 for a cup of coffee? Or $120 for a tie that elsewhere costs $110? How about $225 a night stay at A Ritz Carlton vs.
$175 at a Marriott down the street? The answer is simple: consumers will pay for the overall experience and satisfaction at each of these businesses because of the warm and fuzzy feelings they receive at each establishment.
By modeling the companies above, the service levels at First Protective have been taken to the next level, and the loyalty of our top producers is evidence.
Paying attention to little details really does strengthen the business relationships and we really do earn more business as a result.
But that's not all.
We are constantly - yes, constantly - looking for ways to leave a mark on the financial service professionals we "touch" everyday.
And we find those ways by simply paying attention to the great service offered by others.
Take for example my UPS man.
Now he could very easily ignore my two dogs that come running and barking at the presence of an intruder on the front lawn.
After all, he deals with dogs daily, right? Sure he does.
And they would continue to threaten him (idle threats) each time he delivered a package.
Yet he chooses to do an act of kindness.
He gives each of them a dog biscuit as he walks to my front door.
They accept the treat and forget about him, and he continues on without fear.
That's his signature.
My dogs now know the sound of the UPS truck as it makes it's way up the street.
Today, instead of barking incessantly, Grace and Emma are wagging their tails, anticipating their treat.
The UPS man has even started leaving a third biscuit on the front porch for my little "inside" dog.
Now this story may seem silly, but listen how it has affected my delivery habits.
This young man's act of kindness to my pets (all be it for his own protection) has influenced me to send my packages via UPS as opposed to FedEx.
They both charge more than the US Post Office for delivery, and FedEx provides excellent service.
But I have a "lasting impression" of the UPS man and his dog biscuits.
And for that reason, UPS gets my business.
As you reflect upon my story, think of how you can have a signature in the financial services industry.
What is it that you can do to distinguish yourself from other professionals? How do you treat your loyal clients? And what will you do to earn more business? That - my friends - is Signature Selling.

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