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Caravan caring tips in winter

Caravan-caring in winter


Winter is amazing season. It gets awesome and troubled simultaneously, at the same time. Winter season is not so good for machines. They are chocked. So here we are, with some really helpful tricks. These tricks a lot help in getting ready your caravan for a new adventure.   As the colder weather looms, we tell you about what precautions you should take to make sure your caravan is secure in the winter and is ready to roll next year.

These tricks also help you to keep your caravan protected and in the best condition possible when you tuck it away for winter. Making a little time and effort before storing your caravan will save you time and money in the long term, and keep your caravan ready for your next adventure.
1. Windows

Properly check all windows, window-glasses, or their rubber seals carefully. If any of those, needs to be replaced, then replaced it.

2. Gas

If caravan is not coming is use then remove all gas cylinders and place them in a cool, ventilated place. By this way you can able to save lots of gas, energy and fuel.

3. Body Work

Check carefully exterior of caravan. If it need to be cleaned, then clean the exterior body using appropriate cleaning products.

4. Security

Always keep this factor in mind. When it is not using, park it in home or any other secure site. Remove all valuables items before parking it, and fit visible security products. These work against both practical reasons and as a preventive to potential thieves.

5. Battery

Just before parking the caravan for a long period, remove the battery and store it in a cool and dry place. Do properly check the battery on the regular basis.

6. Cover

If you decide on a caravan cover, make sure it's made of a breathable material, otherwise condensation and mould can grow underneath it.

7. Position

Avoid trees where sap or branches may fall on the caravan.

8. Blinds

Make sure all the blinds and fly screens are fully retracted to avoid damage to the springs that help the blind return to its retracted position.

9. Water Filters

Empty all tanks filled with water and water filters to prevent any water held in them freezing and damaging the unit.

10. Interior

Give your caravan interior a thorough clean before tucking it up for the winter

11. Water System

Before parking caravan for a long time, open all the taps in the caravan, including the shower control and drain taps. If you have a lever tap, ensure its mid-way between the hot and cold positions. Put plugs in the kitchen sink, washroom basin and shower tray.

12. Ventilation

Leave vents uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan. We'd advised you to visiting the caravan regularly and leaving small bowls of salt dotted around the caravan to help absorb condensation, humidity.

13. Fridge

Before parking it for a long time, empty the fridge, clean it out with a cleaning solution (bicarbonate of soda or similar), and leave the door partly open so that air can circulate.

14. Toilet

Always empty your toilet and waste tank. Apply a little bit of olive oil to the opening blades. Leave them in the open position.

15. Heating

Drain down your caravan's water heater. 


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