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Mafia Wars Change Character Type: Transform Your Game Not Just Your Character

Have you got an opinion on the Mafia Wars change character type debate? Looking to change your character? But, did you know that there are far more effective strategies you can use to dominate Mafia Wars? Change character type and you will only gain a slight advantage but implement some powerful strategies into your game and you will go far.

I mistakenly choose Mogul and like you thought I made a mistake but with tons of research I was able to use other ways to become one of the games top players. This article will discuss the Mafia Wars Change Character type debate and then I will show you some strategies to compensate for your character's weaknesses.

So are you able to change your character in Mafia Wars? The short answer is no.

It seems ridiculous considering the amount of people that want this changed and participate in the Mafia Wars change character type debate. There is even a Facebook group with 100,000 members called 'Mafia Wars Change Character Type Now' petitioning Zynga to make this happen.

The main reason people want to change character is the fact that the Mogul character cannot level up as quickly as the Maniac character. This is true. However, it is not such a big advantage that it cannot be compensated for in other ways.

You can do this by deciding which jobs to do in a strategic way. You do this by completing the jobs that have the highest energy to experience ratio. These are the jobs that give you more bang for your buck.

Below is a Mafia Wars job list for your convenience:

Street Thug

Auto Theft - 1.33x


Bank Heist - 1.67x


Museum Break-in - 1.44x


Run Illegal Poker Game - 2.06x


Repel the Yakuza - 1.73x


Whack a Rival Crew Leader - 1.6x


Dispose of a Body - 1.73x


Order a Hit on a Public Official - 1.87x


Settle a Beef... Permanently - 1.86x

If you do the jobs from my Mafia Wars job list repeatedly it will more than compensate for any perceived weaknesses of your character.

I think that the Mafia Wars Change Character type debate will continue to rage on but until it is resolved you will be more than able to be successful with the above strategy.

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