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How to Glue Countertop Laminate to Existing Laminate

    • 1). Examine surface of old laminate. Do no proceed to Step 2 if you find air bubbles or areas in which the laminate no longer sticks. Remove old laminate before applying new laminate if this is the case. Use a trowel to pry under edge of laminate surface and a spray bottle to squirt a laquer thinner underneath. Continue to wedge the trowel under the laminate surface and pull laminate with your hands until removed.

    • 2). Clean the old laminate surface. Use warm water with a greas- cutting detergent. Dry thoroughly with a dish cloth.

    • 3). Roughen the old laminate surface with coarse sandpaper vigorously. This will help the new laminate to adhere to the old.

    • 4). Apply contact cement to the surface of the old laminate as well as the backside of the new laminate. Press new laminate firmly on top of old laminate.

    • 5). Use a fine-toothed jigsaw to cut off excess on edges. Place masking tape over the cut line to reduce jagged edges when cutting. Use a file to smooth out rough edges caused by the saw blade.

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