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Good Fantasy Stories Never Go Out of Style

As a fan of fun stuff, Hank Quense and his crazy stories are always a trip into the way out there.
Some are a take (off) from Shakespeare and others are things he's conjured up while standing in front of the BBQ during a family cookout.
Where to begin...
Well, I guess at the beginning.
In House of Atreus we're introduced to Hanks love of professional wrestling and over-powering women, crazy gods from the past and their equally crazy demands upon the mortals.
All set into modern day Manhattan, any one who enjoys women, wrestling and beer is sure to find this story a fun read.
Jump over to Romeo and Juliet and you'll find an excerpt from the award winning Tales From Gundarland.
Be prepared for a twisted version of Williams play, where the main characters are a dancing dwarf and elf-maiden.
And you'll love it.
You'll never think of Shakespeare in the same way again.
In MacBeth: the Sequel, you're introduced to yet another throwback to classic Quense.
With gap-toothed barkeeps, grotesque bar-fly women on the prowl (and that's saying it nicely) and a hint at what may have become the Loch Ness Monster...
I can't give away the story.
You'll have to read it yourself.
All in all, and there's a lot of all here, Hank Quense has pulled together ten of his greatest tales from the present and past, sure to delight readers who enjoy getting lost in the strange worlds of Gundarland, Shakespeare, myths and urban tales.
I've been a fan of Mr.
Quense's work for some time now.
if you love fun, quirky fantasy, mixed in with some science fiction and even some Shakespeare, you must read a book or two from Hank Quense.
Search for him on Amazon or Barns and Noble, you'll find a shelf full of Hanks work.
If you like your Shakespeare shaken with a twist, read the tales from Gundarland.
This is Hanks own Strange World with Williams characters morphed into dwarves, elves and other alien creatures.
But beware! Hank even mixes in some alien sex...
not that you'll recognize it until after you've discovered yourself covered in alien slime.
Another thing I like about Hank is when he sets his stories in New York City.
As a native from across the river, Hank spent a lot of time in New York and it shows.
You'll recognize some of the big sites from around the city, all mixed into his crazy stories.

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