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Cute Pickup Lines Or Stupid Pickup Lines - Do They Work

Do you hate when men use pickup lines on you, ladies? Of course we only do it because its the best way we know of to make you smile, which is our way of saying I would like to get to know you better. But you cant just walk up to a stranger and say that, now can you? Hence the pickup lines, which have been around for many years. Here are a few of them for your approval.

There are many different types of pickup lines, from the funny to the silly, the dirty, to ones that dont make a lot of sense really. Which are your favorites? I think the best way to meet someone new is to put a smile on their face, whether its a guy or a girl. So when approaching women something like do you know how much a polar bear weighs? enough to break the ice. Ha, ha. Yeah, its not the best but hey, it serves its purpose right, which is to break the ice. Thats really all we are trying to do ladies, so at that point you can walk the other way, or talk to us. Its really your choice, but were hoping you choose the talking.

The worst pickup lines are those that are just plain nasty and dirty, so guys have learned (at least most of them) not to use those anymore. Im not going to cite any here, but you know what Im talking about. The overtly sexual lines, that guys use to try and turn you on they really do the opposite. Some guys never learn that lesson, but after a few slaps in the face they usually get the picture.

The thing that women dont realize is that approaching women does take a bit of finesse and a dose of confidence too, so most women understand. Besides if guys never approached women, they would not get any attention and thats a bad thing. If you can approach a woman in a way that gives her a nice compliment, so much the better. Even something like a simple I like that necklace, where did you get it? is enough to cause most women to drop their defenses and tell you all about it, where they got it, and who they were with when they did. If she is in the mood to meet a guy, all you need is a simple opening. That is what pickup lines are for to open a conversation. After that of course, you have to continue the conversation based on how she reacts but if youre prepared that wont be too tough.

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