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Beach Safety Rules


    • Be aware of lifeguard flags and know the meanings before heading into the ocean. Green indicates favorable swimming conditions. Red over red means no swimming. Purple warns of marine life.

    Rip Current

    • Do not panic if you're caught in a rip current. Swim parallel to the shore until the current breaks and then swim to land.


    • Avoid becoming over heated and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Never drink alcohol. Shade your head and body by wearing a hat and sitting under an umbrella or tree.


    • Unprotected skin can result in painful sunburns and may lead to skin cancer. Liberally apply sunscreen and reapply often throughout the day and after swimming.

    Sea Life

    • Sea creatures live in the ocean so be aware of your surroundings when swimming. Many birds in the water can indicate schools of baitfish, which are the prey of sharks.

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