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What Makes a Guy Fall in Love? Find Out What You Have Been Doing Wrong

What really makes a guy fall in love with you? Are you the kind of girl that drives yourself crazy just trying to please her man, yet always seems to miss out on getting a real romance going? Some girls do seem to do everything right and really try their best to be great girlfriends, but still always fall short of making the guy actually fall in love with them.
If this sounds like you, then you probably need some help figuring out what you have been doing wrong.
It can be frustrating when you see how a guy seems able to turn his emotions on and off at will.
Men sometimes mistake lust for love, leaving women to try to figure out if what they say they feel in the heat of passion can really be counted on.
You are more likely to have a guy fall in lust with you than to fall madly in love with you.
But if this guy is the one for you, then lust isn't enough.
You have to figure out what makes a guy fall in love with a woman.
There are certain types of women that naturally make men swoon.
If you don't happen to be one of those fortunate few, then don't feel bad.
Most women have to try a bit harder to get the attention of a guy that they like.
One way to do this is so simple that you will be mad that you didn't think of it on your own.
What is it? Be his friend! Guys love to be able to see that the woman that they are with fits into their lives as a companion, as well as a lover.
If you don't get along well with his family and friends, the road to love is going to be much harder.
So be nice and friendly with him and with the people that he loves so that he sees what a good match you are.
What makes a guy fall in love is being confident that you are not going to push him into something that he isn't ready for.
He may still be trying to figure out what he is feeling when you are already ready to tell him how much you care.
If you think that you are moving too fast, you probably are.
Guys take more time, so just relax and let him be the one to set the pace.

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