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The Terrible Reality of Making Money Online Via MLM

The vast majority of people will eventually think about whether they're able to earn income online. Sadly, the easiest option for most people looks to be MLM, so they join, promptly learn that there's a lot of hard work involved, end up making no money at all, and then decide earning money online must be impossible. MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, is all about trying to recruit new people to promote the same things you are in order for you to try and earn a bit of commission from their hard work. This is a deeply flawed business model, yet the clever wording and slick advertising MLM companies use make it seem like the best opportunity available anywhere in the world. Before you fall for the hype of one of these flawed schemes, think about the following things.

People want to sign you up as part of their multi level marketing "down line". They will often tell you that joining up with MLM is the easiest way to start and run your own business. This is false. Starting a business with something that you have invented or put together yourself isn't just easier. You end up with more of the money in the end. Do not work for another person instead of yourself. The product belongs to you. As the product owner, any proceeds are yours. MLM, on the other hand forces you to try to meet quotas. You have to pay registration and membership fees. Basically, this is not worth the trouble. One of the biggest reasons so many people fall for the lure of MLM is that all the slick advertising promises that it will be so easy. Just about every MLM program is going to tell you how easy it is to earn a ton of money. Yet, succeeding with MLM really does take a lot of work and patience. There might even be *more* work involved because so many people have gotten clued in to the fact that this is a business model that might not be on the up and up. You'll find it difficult to get people to join when they don't trust the MLM program you're pushing.

MLM managers and recruiters, for an unknown reason, like to keep telling their downline that the products they are selling now will be in retail stores and sold to the general public. The truth is that most of the products that are sold through multi level marketing are sold to the people who are trying to resell the products for their own profiting purposes. MLM products are typically found on eBay, and seldom in retail stores, because the only people that are buying them are those in the company trying to turn the sale.

On the outside, MLM looks good. This is why internet newbies are so attracted to it. Do not let yourself be one of these people. These cold truths are just the beginning of why MLM isn't worth your time. If you do a little bit of research you'll be able to turn up plenty more.

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