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Set-Up Tips for Bounce House inflatable Rentals

Running an inflatables rental business can be a profitable way to make a living when the best business and industry practices are followed. Even then, business owners must learn how to set up the inflatable bouncers quickly, safely and efficiently. By following these tips on bounce house rental set-up, the business owners and any employees will be able to provide a fun and safe form of entertainment for every event they attend. Keep in mind that when someone rents a bouncy house, they are not simply renting the unit, the fee and services include setting up the pieces upon arrival and breaking the games down when it's time to leave.

Site Inspection

Upon arrival at the event, the bounce house inflatables rental person or team should check in with the parent or person in charge. After finding out where to set up the inflatable bouncers, water slide games or combo pieces, the rental representative should inspect the area. Factors to watch for include space size, functioning electrical outlets and water sources, and accessibility by guests. Sticks and debris should be removed at this time. Once the area is ready, setting up a tarp and staking it into the ground with sturdy pins is recommended to protect the unit from damage and to keep the tarp from moving.


Remove the rolled up inflatables from the delivery vehicle and tip it upwards while carefully sliding a dolly underneath. Tip the inflatable game back onto the dolly for transport to the tarp. The blower tubes should be facing away from the dolly's handle. A dolly with inflatable wheels is less likely to draw tracks through grassy areas and is easier to tote.

Setting Up

Carefully unload the bounce house inflatable in the center of the back of the tarp, positioning the blowers where the back of the inflatable will be. Slightly tip the roll forward, sliding the dolly out from underneath. Allow the roll to fall and land on the tarp. The blower tubes should be on top. Line it up and center it for accurate positioning. The inflatables rental business is also responsible for any accidents or injuries caused by the units, so checking to make sure that they are set up properly and safely are very important. Untie, remove and store the straps a safe and secure location to be used in clean-up. A bag or vehicle are two safe options. Start unrolling the blower tubes, then the bouncy house. After unfolding and aligning the sides, secure the bouncy house. Use heavily weighted bags or sturdy stakes for all designated tie-down locations. Be sure to follow any local or state municipal safety requirements.

Inflating Units

Follow the inflation instruction directions provided by the manufacturer. If there are two blower tubes and only one is needed, the one that isn't attached to the blower will need to be folded tightly and secured shut with the accompanying strap. A little bit of air leaking out is acceptable and will help make the game pliable and bouncy. Next, attach the other tube to the blower and secure it. Set up the cord away from the entrance of the unit, making sure it's not a tripping hazard. Turn on the blower and inflate as directed. Keep the kids out until the inside has been wiped down with a cotton rag and cleaning fluid, then vacuumed. After a final safety inspection, the bouncy house is ready for riders.

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