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Essential Online Dating Tips

Online dating has become very popular and the old image of a sad lonely person joining a dating agency as a last desperate resort have long gone.
The amount and variety of online dating agencies is overwhelming.
If you are over 50 years old, gay, Asian, a teenager, single parent, overweight or an animal lover there is a site for you.
Before committing yourself to one particular online dating site spend some time viewing profiles on a few select sites and then joining as a free member.
You only need to become a paid member once you have found some profiles that you wish to contact.
Your profile is extremely important and you should spend some time working on it.
Don't be boring and say that you like dancing, go into detail and say something like "I really enjoy my weekly salsa dance classes and love the latin rhythms.
" Be positive but honest about yourself.
Don't lie about your age and make sure that the photo you upload is a recent one of you and not one taken over 10 years ago! list the things you like and don't like.
If you are a non smoker mention it especially if you detest being around smokers! If you love cats and can't live without at least 2 in your home then someone who doesn't like animals or is allergic to pet hairs wouldn't be an ideal date for you.
If you like volunteer work and helping people you want to meet someone who shares your values.
A superficial self centred person wouldn't be an ideal companion for you.
Be very cautious on your first date and meet in a public place.
You may have been emailing someone for a while or even spoken to them on the phone, but you really need to see someone face to face to get to know them and feel comfortable with them.
Let a friend or family member know where you are going and what time to expect you home.
Have your mobile phone with you in case of emergencies and don't give out personal information to someone you hardly know.
Most people are friendly decent individuals, and you probably won't meet the local mad axe murderer but it's always best to be careful!

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