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What Happens if You Break the Seal in "Zenonia"?

    Seal of Deceit

    • The Cave of Deceit in the southern Adonis region is the resting place of the first seal that your guild asks you to seek out. After defeating the monster, Pale, Regret is given the option to destroy the Seal of Deceit and foil his enemies' plans. If he does so, he is awarded with positive morality, whereas keeping the seal awards negative morality.

    Seal of Despise

    • By choosing to destroy the Seal of Despise in the Valley of Despise, players gain another decisive victory for good morality and choose to face the enemy, Vicious, rather than Vague, who appears if the seal is not broken. The only consequential difference between the two is that Vicious can take a little more damage than Vague before admitting defeat.

    Seal of Greed

    • The Seal of Greed in Lamis Woods is protected by a series of movable blocks and monsters rather than a single, difficult opponent. Once the way to the Seal is clear, players can choose to save or destroy it. If they destroy it, Regret is assigned the nymph, Langue, to guide him through his journey rather than Parole, although this does not majorly impact the story.

    Seal of Betrayal

    • Players encounter the Ghost of Ladon, protector of the Seal of Betrayal, while pursuing Roland through the Chamber of Chaos. Ladon is by far the most powerful opponent up to this point in the game, and matters aren't helped by an occasional glitch that loops his healing spell, making him heal every few seconds and rendering him invincible. Upon destroying the seal, you will view a cutscene and will then be transported to your next destination, Leo. If you preserve the seal, you must travel there yourself.

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