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Memories of Elvis Chris MacDonald in Disney World

Elvis Presley achieved a legendary celebrity status while he was alive and after his sudden demise the there has been no less enthusiasm about "The King of Rock and Roll". One of the fallout of the iconic status enjoyed by Elvis Presley was the mushrooming of many impersonators of the King in appearance (look alike) or in sound alike or both. There are many contests and festivals celebrating Elvis and his impersonators perform and attract great number of fans.

One of very successful artist to give tribute to the legacy of Memories of Elvis Presley is Chris MacDonald. MacDonald has been performing for more than a decade for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Chris is recognized as an accomplished and experienced artist in his own right; he has appeared with Jordanaires, which is Elvis's own back up original group. The full production shows by Chris have performed well and sold out all over the US including New York, Miami and Las Vegas.

What Chris MacDonald offers the Elvis fans is not a parody of Elvis but a heartfelt tribute that comes naturally to him. It is not an impersonation to catch attention but a masterly display of artistic expression to make the fans of Elvis to relive the All American Legend. He is called the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist among so many look alikes. Chris MacDonald is the only artist to be employed by Elvis Presley Enterprises for performing at Heartbreak Hotel for seven years non stop!

Apart from entertaining Elvis fans throughout the country with countless performances he has also starred in Legends of Concert production for the stage at Branson. He also has the achievement of having performed with Elvis's original back up group, "Jordanaires". He is also a favorite artist for corporate events.

For people all over the world who felt the loss of one of greatest entertainers and pop culture icon of modern times, the music and the life of Elvis Presley can be celebrated with presentation from the tribute artist Chris MacDonald, It is not surprising that Elvis was honored by TIME magazine as the Artist of Century and the performances by Chris are going to make Elvis live for ever!

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