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How to Pick the Right Paintbrush for the Job

    • 1). Match the bristle to the type of paint you’re using. Choose a natural bristle – such as hog hair – for oil-based paints, lacquers and shellacs. The soft bristles distribute the paint evenly along the stroke. Choose a nylon or nylon and polyester blend brush to use with latex and water-based paints because it will hold its shape and is resilient and easy to clean.

    • 2). Size up the job and pick the right paintbrush. For large patches when a roller isn’t appropriate, have a 4-inch brush ready. Cut-in around the room and paint trim and molding with a 2-inch brush. Use a 1-inch brush for tight spaces and detail work.

    • 3). Paint in awkward spaces, make precise corners or lay down shellac without a brush mark with a specialty brush. Make a precise edge around molding with an angle brush; get into hard to reach areas with a long handled brush. Use a feathery finishing brush for a smooth finish.

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