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Unique Snow Globe Ornament Craft

How to make a unique ornament with your kids: I learned how to make this style ornament back when I was in summer camp, it was very easy and a lot of fun.
Now I enjoy making these ornaments with the kids in the preschool I work at.
It is really interesting to see how each ornament comes out looking unique and different from one another.
The kids like being able to make a special gift for their parents and they do such an adorable job.
To began just take a clear plastic ornament (which you can find at your local craft store) and pull off the top and pour in your choice of confetti or glitter a quarter of the way up the ornament.
Next you will want to put the top back on your ornament before moving on to the next step.
This will give your ornament an effect some what link a snow globe.
Before you move on you should make sure you place some plastic ore newspaper down since you will be dealing with glue, we all know glue and carpet don't mix.
Then you can create a picture or design on your ornament with a glitter glue or elmer's glue and then just add the glitter separate, either will work.
After you have the design of the ornament the way you want it just leave it to dry for an hour or two.
Once it is dry you can use some ribbon to make a bow for the top.
Another fun tip is instead of using glitter you can glue different shapes and colors of tissue paper on to it giving your ornament a stain glass effect.
This is something your kids can do on their own or you can get the whole family involved and what a great way to spend family night together.
These ornaments make great gifts for your kids to give there grand parents and give these a sense of accomplishment.
All of these materials are cheap and can be found at your local craft store.
Below is a list of things you will need before you get started making this ornament.
Make sure when you get the glitter and confetti you get a lot of variety so your designs will all look original.
What you need: Clear plastic ornaments Elmer's glue / Glitter Glue Glitter Ribbon Confetti Scissors Disposable mixing cup Newspaper or plastic

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