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How Do I Get Big Spiral Curls in Fine Hair?


    • Dirty hair actually curls a little bit better than freshly washed hair. Skip washing your hair right before you go to curl it. You want it slightly dirty, not gross, so only skip once or twice. The extra oil will help fine hair hold the shape of the curl. Dry your hair thoroughly. Choose a curling iron with a barrel that is about the size of the curl you want. A wider barrel will give you looser curls, while a small barrel will help you achieve tiny ringlets. Before you get started, prep your hair with a little styling product.


    • You might want to have someone help you curl your hair. Some areas, especially the back, can be tricky to get right on your own. If you don't have anyone to help you, check your work by using two mirrors. Face away from a larger mirror and hold a small mirror. The small mirror should show you the reflection of the back of your head.


    • Put your hair into a half ponytail. Starting with the hair closest to the left side of your face, separate a section of hair that is about an inch wide. Clamp the section with the curling iron and pull the iron down to the end of the hair. Next, roll the hair onto the iron. The iron should be as close as you can get it to your scalp without burning yourself. Hold the iron vertically with the hair wrapped around it. Spray the rolled hair with aerosol hair spray. Spraying the hair while it is rolled around the iron helps to set the shape of the curl. Hold the curling iron at the top of your head and carefully spin the hair off the iron. Do not pull the iron down; this will pull the curl out. Repeat this process all the way around the bottom layer of hair. Spray the layer. Now carefully let the half ponytail down. Repeat the same process on the top layer. Give the curls one last coat of hairspray once the top layer is complete. Beth Shapouri, a beauty writer for "Glamour" magazine recommends bobby pinning the curls up while they cool for added hold.

      Sponge curlers actually create pretty strong curls. Simply roll your hair before you go to sleep and let your body's natural heat dry and curl your hair. This method is great for a more casual look. It is harder to control, so experiment with this method to see how you like the results.

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