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How to Have Organized Closets

    How to Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free

    • 1). Install shoe racks or shoe bags. These are an inexpensive and convenient way to free up space on your closet floor and to prevent you having to spend too much time rummaging for a matching pair. It will also keep your shoes in good condition, adding to their lifetime.

    • 2). Double the amount of hanging space inside your closet by making some minor adjustments. All you have to do is raise your top hanging pole to a height of at least eighty inches This will leave you room below to add an additional pole at forty inches form the floor.

    • 3). Now you’ve created more hanging space, don’t waste it. Use multiple skirt hangers, multiple pants hangers, and tie hangers to utilize maximum space.

    • 4). Don’t forget to make use of the valuable space on the back of your closet doors. Over-the-door racks are ideal for hanging shoe bags, ties, or hats.

    • 5). Shelving is essential for every closet. The easiest way to install shelving is to buy metal shelving racks. These are available in all sizes and designs to fit any closet and all pockets. If this doesn’t suit you, you can always try hanging shelves; these are great for small spaces. If you have a lot of smaller items on your closet shelves, such as underwear, swimsuits or pantyhose, consider buying some mesh baskets. These will help find those smaller items easily and will prevent them getting creased.

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