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How One Can Break Into A Locked Door In Your Property

Until you get a first-hand experience of the exasperation that most folks feel when they cannot open their own doorway because they misplaced the key, you probably don't care about locksmithing knowledge. However, if you are ever in that sort of circumstance, you would most likely wish you had a copy of the yellow pages in front of you so you can call a locksmith.

Breaking into a locked door is against the law, but if you locked the doorway by accident and you have no way of getting in, you can take things into your own hands if you know how. The best way of course is to call up a locksmith, but if the telephone book and your phone is inside the home, you cannot. Here are a few methods to unlock your doorway without resorting to the barbaric way (breaking it down by brute force).

Two Methods to Open a Locked Doorway

1. Picking the Lock

When you've settled long enough to come up with a plan, you can try to pick the security device. For this you will need 2 items. One object should work as a tension wrench, and the other item must work as a pick. The tension wrench should be sturdy and should be able to fit within the lock. Any metal strip would do. Some people use anything from the tips of forks to ballpoint pens if there is no other choice.

The function of a tension wrench is to turn the lock as soon as you deal with the pins within the lock. When you watch a skilled smith in action, you will notice that he inserts the tension wrench and keeps it steady there. The rationale for this is to keep the bottom pins in position while he labors on the top pins.

The pick is as important as the tension wrench, for the reason that it is the device you use to control those stubborn pins. The more high quality the security device, the more challenging it will be to release those pins. In lock picking, you need to be acutely aware of the status of each and every pin you are trying to dislodge. When you push up and you feel a slight resistance, the pin may have been released, and you simply need to work on the other pins to turn the security device and open the door.

2. Lock Bumping

Lock picking is an effective method, but it can wear down your patience. At some point, frustration wins and you find yourself wishing you can pick the lock faster. There is another, quicker, way to open a locked door, and this is called rapping.

In lock rapping, you will still require the tension wrench to push the bottom pins down. If your tension wrench is adequately wide that it scrapes the top pins, you probably wouldn't need a pick. In this method, you try to release the pins in one go by rapping on the doorknob versus picking the pin one after the other.

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