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How to Get Navman S80 SMS to Work

    • 1). Enable Bluetooth on your phone and activate discovery mode. The process varies depending on phone model, but most phones have the Bluetooth controls in the Settings menu. Refer to your phone's manual for specific instructions.

    • 2). Touch the "Menu" button and tap the right arrow button on the Navman.

    • 3). Touch the phone icon, and select the gear and screwdriver icon.

    • 4). Touch the gear and phone icon, and touch "OK" to start the Bluetooth setup process. The Navman will begin searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.

    • 5). Tap the listing for your phone and touch "Pair." Depending on the phone model, the Navman may prompt you to enter a passcode. Type "1234" and enter the same code on the phone.

    • 6). Touch "OK" to complete the pairing process and access the Phone menu on the Navman. Touch the envelope icon to access your SMS messages.

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