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How to Synchronize an Online Backup

    • 1). Install the software required to synchronize files. Depending on your service provider, you can download the software or insert the software disc provided by the company. Click the "Run" button and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. You may need to restart the computer to complete the process. The software should be installed to each computer you plan to synchronize.

    • 2). Go to your synchronization provider's website and enter your login credentials. Click the "Submit" button and go to the account synchronization page. You should log into your account at each computer.

    • 3). Open the synchronization software on each computer. Click the "Manage" option or open the folder that contains the files in the software window. If the folder does not exist, click the "Add folders" or comparable option and select the appropriate folder.

    • 4). Click the files you would like to synchronize in the folder. You can select multiple files by holding down the "Ctrl" button and clicking each file.

    • 5). Click the "Sync" or "Synchronize" button to begin the process. Select the computer, which should have been named when you created the account, and select "OK" or a comparable option. You should receive a notification that indicates the progress.

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