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Sleepover Games For 11 Year Old Girls

    Makeover Skits

    • Split the girls up into teams of three of four. Give each team a roll of foil, toilet paper and plastic wrap. The girls have 20 minutes to put together a skit using their props. The girls use the rolls of wrap as outfits and props. At the end of 20 minutes, each team comes out one at a time to perform its skits. Have an adult judge the skits. Award prizes for the funniest, scariest and best skit.

    Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

    • Spread out a sleeping bag or blanket in the middle of the floor. Select one girl to be "it." The selected "it" player lays down on the blanket in the middle of the floor and all other girls sit around her in a circle. The "it" player must close her eyes, while the other girls sing, crack jokes and do funny impressions. If the "it" player laughs or smiles, she is out of the game and selects the next person to go. The girls cannot touch the "it" girl to make her laugh. If she makes it past the designated time of one minute without laughing or smiling, she stays in the game. The last player remaining wins the game.

    Glow-In-The-Dark Hunt

    • Hide several glow-in-the-dark plastic toys before the party starts. Hide the toys in couch cushions, under pillows and anywhere close to the ground. After it gets dark, give the girls a favor bag. On "go," the girls have to get on their hands and knees in the dark to find the toys. Put all items up that the girls could run into and hurt themselves. The girl who finds the most plastic toys wins the game.

    Spin the Nail Polish

    • All girls sit around a table and put a basket full of nail polish (several colors) in the middle of the table. One at a time, each girl picks a bottle of nail polish and spins it in the middle of the table. When the polish stops, the girl the lid of the nail polish is pointing at has to paint one of her fingernails that color. She then selects the nail color to spin next. The first girl to have all her fingernails painted wins the game. To make the game longer, let the girls play until their toes are painted too.

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