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Ventless Fireplace Safety

A ventless gas, gel or electric fireplace is a great way to improve the d├ęcor of any room in your household.
However, properly and safely operating a ventless gel or gas fireplace is crucial in protecting your home and your family.
No actual combustion based fireplace can truly be vent free; there will always still be emissions.
A ventless fireplace is actually better explained as a room vented fireplace.
Since it can efficiently burn away the fuel used it has much lower levels of emissions, which allows it to directly vent into the room.
Still, some issues with ventless gas and gel fireplaces should be noted and if you properly operate your unit you won't have any negative results.
One of the main problems people have with ventless fireplaces is they get one not suitable for the room it's being installed in.
The manufacture will recommend a "minimum" room size for each specific ventless fireplace unit.
Never should you install a unit in a room that is smaller than its minimum size requirement.
This can result in a build up of emissions in the room and deplete the oxygen in the air.
Always make sure the room is the accurate size for your specific unit.
As mentioned above, oxygen depletion is another issue you want to keep in mind.
Many ventless gans and gel fireplaces contain ODS (oxygen depletion sensors) build inside of them and will turn the unit off if they go off.
However, it's ideal to keep a secondary ODS in the room that can be plugged directly into the electrical outlet.
This is like a secondary safety measure incase the ODS goes out on your ventless fireplace.
Oxygen depletion is the number one issue that people face regarding ventless fireplaces.
If your secondary ODS goes off simply shut off your ventless fireplace, open a window in the same room and leave the room for a minimum of one hour.
You should never let your fireplace run longer than 6 hours any one given time.
This will allow emissions to build up more and more over time and prevent health issues with anyone inside of the room.
This type of fireplace should not be used as a primary heating source; instead it's more like an aesthetic addition to your room and at most a secondary heating source.
Never leave a ventless gas or gel fireplace running while you are not at home or with children alone.
Ready to learn more about buying a ventless gas or gel fireplace or want more safety information; then read below.

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