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Gift Ideas for Mother"s Day

Nothing can warm up every home than the idea of having a mother waiting for you in the kitchen with a glass of milk and cookies. On rainy days, she would have a bowlful of warm soup as I trudged in soggy and sulky. In middle school, my mother would wait in her favorite reading nook with a book in her lap with a ready ear to listen to the heartaches of my day. Never mind that I hardly ask what's been happening to her life, as in my adolescent mind, her events might be miniscule compared to the dizzying flurry of activities in school and within the circle of my friends. Looking back, I realized how I know nothing at all and how in the world had my mother allowed me to carry on when I was so sure of the world but completely knew nothing of it. When I had my daughter, that's when I understood and realized how much my mother have given for so little.

One of the best celebrations of the year, second only to Christmas on my list, is Mother's Day []. This is one extra special day where your gift choice is deliberated as seriously as mortgage. I'm thankful of my mother's graciousness to gush over any of my gifts, whether practical or expensive, but the thought of choosing one that she will keep around rather than stowed away in the dark corner of her cupboard, invites serious thought. After all, this is gratitude in a package for the very first woman of your life. With Mother's Day just around the corner here are some suggestions:

Know you mother's personality

Thank heavens that moms come in a variety. Complement her personality with gifts that will apply to how she is a mother and as a woman. Has she developed new hobbies? Had she always loved to collect ducks? Didn't she mention she'd like to go on cruise? These might be clues on what to get her. My mom, a cross between a super mom and a domestic diva, appreciates a simple personalized memo pad to a nifty multiple egg cooker. But if she has an adventurous streak, like how surprisingly my mom was, don't count out experience gifts that she'd always wanted to try (helicopter tours, spa treatments, culinary experiences, make-them-breakfast-in-bed morning). Whether she is easy to read or complicated, gifts suited to her personality will always be appreciated.

Store-bought or handmade?

Remember the first handmade Mother's Day card you made back in second grade? I do and I still remember that my mom gave it prominent place in our fridge gallery and how proud she was that I made it for her. Let your crafty nature kick in and make something (shadow boxes, jewelries, flower or wreath arrangements) conveying your appreciation. If you are out of time or craftily-challenged, there is nothing wrong with buying something from the store so long as it will show the thought and reason behind the gift (vases, totes, or gardening kits). Don't limit yourself with just plain mugs or shirts as gifts, try to personalize it by having her name printed or any witty slogans to make mom smile or laugh when she sees it.

Personalize it

In these times where a hurried "I-love-you", a quick peck on the cheek, or a short text message is all we can afford, why not compose a letter telling mom about your favorite childhood memory involving her or how she has influenced your life? Nobody writes letters anymore that receiving one will help bridge the gap. No amount of nifty, expensive gifts could replace the joy of getting a letter communicating how much they are loved and needed.

There are no hard and fast rules in gift-giving on Mother's Day so long as your thought and heart is in the right place. So on Mother's Day make them feel that they are appreciated and loved.

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