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Being Optimistic

However, listening to the news about what is going on in the world will turn anybody into a pessimist! In fact bad news sells papers, happiness does not.
More importantly to you is what is going on in your world and the world of those close to you that has the most impact and concern.
As a result you must ensure that you continue being optimistic.
This is what matters and in return your physical and mental health will flourish.
To illustrate this point, you will have seen how the health of a pessimistic person deteriorates over a period of time due to their negative outlook on life.
Consequently, it is so pointless for someone to conduct their life in this manner causing themselves so much grief and pain especially when they have only themselves to blame for their circumstance.
No doubt you will have faced adversity at some time in your life but it is how you deal with it that matters.
Getting depressed or wallowing in self pity is not the answer.
You must rise above it and you will learn an important lesson from any adverse situation that comes your way.
I am sure that you will have seen adverts promoting products that enable you to look 10 years younger.
But all that is needed to slow down the ageing process, is a positive attitude to life, as on the whole, positive people are happy people.
Happiness puts less pressure on your vital organs and being happy can be a valuable contributory factor to good health.
In the same manner it is a known fact that worry and stress can instigate heart disease in many cases.
So why do you remain negative? What is your reason for being so pessimistic? When you analyse the things that you worry about they seem so petty and insignificant that you wonder why you wasted your valuable time and worried at all! In most situations you only worry about what might or might not happen and it is so futile.
For this reason the more you worry about a situation or scenario that might occur, the more chance there is of it actually happening because your subconscious mind is acting on the information you are sending.
The alternative way forward is being optimistic and feeling happy and confident in whatever you do.
This is the only way to conduct your life and make progress towards achieving your goals as opposed to feeling depressed and going nowhere! Is this such a difficult decision to make?

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