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Overview of Search Engines and How Spiders Work

Every online business has a Goal to get the Most and Best traffic for their site, as this is the most reliable source to get visitors and potential customers to their site.
According ratings report of September 2009 use of Internet rose 25.
6 % from 2000 to 2009 and most of these never look beyond the first two pages of the search results.
In fact, many people stop after reading first ten searches.
With this observation it becomes that your site has to be in the top ten sites to survive successfully.
How can we all be in the top ten? Search engines are business organizations, i.
Google, Yahoo, Windows Live Search among others.
So, these spidersare always on the prowl on the Internet to grab more searches.
As a business these search engines provides: 1.
People use search engines to look for specific information on the Internet 2.
The search results contain two types of listings
  • Organic listings sites containing information that is relevant to the search performed.
  • Paid or sponsored listings that are paid by their owners.
When a person clicks on a sponsored listing, the site owner pays have paid to get listed in the top results for specific search terms.
That is why these search engines are in constant competition with one another to attract the maximum number of searchers.
More visitors mean a larger audience for the searches to put ads in front of Which means more potential clicks on those ads.
Every time a user clicks on an ad the search engine makes more money.
When a searcher writes key word to see the results, all search engines do provide the best possible results, but in case the visitor did not get the information he was looking for, the will go to another search engine and this is just what these engines want to avoid and therefore they work hard to provide the information you are looking for This focus on relevance is the basis of SEO one of the key strategies that you need as a business owner to get better results.
Search Engines Spiders and How They Work: SPIDERS (also known as crawlers robots) to crawl the web and index or record the content of each web page they have to work with.
Google, the worlds leading provider indexes roughly 24 Billion Google spiders indexes an estimated 100 web pages per second.
SE quickly compares your key word against its indexed web pages.
The SE then present a list of content sites relevant to the search term.
Now how do these search engines figure out which sites are most relevant? This is based on a series of mathematical formulas or algorithms that are constantly being modified and changed.
Remember search engines have little interest in catering to the needs of people.
Their purpose is to gain favor with their users by giving them the most relevant search results.
For this reason it is in best interest of the search engine not to let people know how do they rank sites.
Many successful businesses use a combination of SEO and paid advertising to generate traffic to their sites.
PPC works like an auction and site owners bid on specific key words.
When search engines click through your site they pay the amount of money the bid for the click.
If you are willing to apply the rules required to get top ranking in the natural or "organic' search results, search engines are a fantastic source of traffic.
Because this traffic is targeted you should easily be able to convert your visitors into subscribers and buyers.
And if you want to supplement your SEO strategies with pay per click advertising, to will see even better results.
The beauty of PPC is that you get the traffic that you are looking for in fifteen minutes and considering that you pay only when you get interested visitor, it is the best deal that you are paying for.

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