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Internet in My Mobile

Big one, small one; digital, old fashioned; silver, pink; what is all this about? The Answer is the mobile, a simple electronic device that let us keep in touch with everyone, ask your friends if they have anyone or not, you will see the results.
Here in Malaysia the mobiles are so cheap that everyone can own one.
Why everyone is using the mobile as TV, radio or browser? Is not the cell phone a device only used for friends or family calls? Not anymore, now you have to be "in" by having a mobile with Internet access and good video games.
Do you have your office in your mobile? Well, I am proud of you.
The Internet is covering more spaces everyday such as our mobile.
Now it's easy and in practical terms is cheaper.
Many big cities due to the Internet demand, governments provide it for free in public places.
Meaning that if you are holding a mobile with Internet access, then you can go online in a public park, login to any of the current messenger software and chat; the cost will be zero, and you will talk to your friends to set up the meeting point for the next party.
If you are into the business field, and you are doing e-commerce, for sure you know that even though you are lying down on the beach with your family and your mobile next to you, then you will still be selling your products and making profits just by having Internet in your mobile.
That is the trend and that is how things are running faster every day.
Do not you have a mobile with Internet access? I am sorry for you, better you go to a smilds.
com web-store and try to find a very cheap one otherwise you are out of this world...

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