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Kitchen Cabinets- Oak and Maple Kitchens

Hardwood has long since been a household name when it came to home construction of the yesteryears and is still a favorite in today's remodeling and interior design industry.  With the evolution of kitchen use from merely being a cooking mess area to the new heart of homes, the luxurious warmth in both look and feel became a mainstay.  Aside from the great value that this choice of material offers, hardwood also offers a timeless appeal that is long lasting especially for the building blocks of kitchen- the cabinetry.  This article lays out details about Oak and Maple kitchens which fall among the top two most popular hardwood options for kitchen cabinets.

Oak Kitchens

With this wood specie found in abundance in North America, it is no wonder that this has become a common face in the heart of homes.  Oak kitchens brandish a façade that is naturally large grained, making up for distinct patterns that change throughout for an exquisite overall look to your kitchen cabinets.  The surface also has mineral streaks of black, green and other colors that create a more interesting feel to it.  Being porous, this wood type absorbs stains and glazes well helping create a richer look that highlights the display or beautiful grains.

Available in many regions, oak kitchens vary in color from white, red to yellow.  Oak kitchen cabinets will look exceptional whether you are remodeling in traditional, casual, country, rustic, and even modern design.  Other than this stylish advantage of being versatile, oak is a heavy and proven durable choice for busy kitchens that can efficiently withstand the spills, and humidity changes.  Works great in resisting scratches and dents, this choice can even prove ideal for countertops.

Another unique character of oak kitchens is that direct sunlight can cause the surface to fade and darken through time.  But this is not really a downside as many homeowners prefer the patina that it offers, and doesn't mind the changes in their kitchen cabinets.

Maple Kitchens

The strongest contender of Oak when it comes to popularity is Maple kitchens.  Maple kitchen cabinets are the exact opposite of Oak when it comes to grains.  The tight, even grains of maple makes up for a fluid finish that is as smooth in looks as it is to touch.  Naturally light, the cabinetry collection for wood-toned glazes that you can choose from ranges from honey to cinnamon.  This can also be stained to brandish a darker looking timber such as espresso, painted any color you desire, or even finished to look like other hardwood choices such as mahogany and cherry.

Maple kitchen cabinets also offer the same stylish versatility making them ideal for practically any design from traditional to contemporary, transitional to eclectic, and anywhere in between.  Such cabinetry choice also works great at withstanding the everyday use and abuse in kitchens efficiently contesting with the common mess, and changes in temperatures and humidity levels.

Maple kitchen cabinets will not darken as they age and will not be affected by direct sunlight.  This will make lay outing your cabinetry much easier.

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