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Broad Match VS Exact Match Keywords for SEO - How to Choose Effective Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website can be a little confusing.
Start by using the Google AdWord Keyword Tool to generate a list of potential keywords, their competition, and number of local and global searches.
I recently worked with a client to research and compile a list of effective potential keywords for her site.
I looked at her website and created a list of search terms that are related to her business.
When you use the Google Adword Keyword Tool, Google will automatically generate a list of related search terms.
When you are doing your keyword research always make sure that you are getting the results for the exact match of your keyword phrase.
This way the result you get back will truly represent the amount of monthly searches relevant to your keyword and your site.
This will also help you to target keywords for you search engine optimization that is relevant and realistic.
My client, like many people, was drawn to the keywords that yielded the highest number of searches.
She thought that because some keywords yield a high number of searches, that those keywords would translate into more visitors to her site.
This is not true; in fact the opposite is true.
For example, she suggested that one of her keywords be "crown" because the logo for her company is a crown.
This is a very broad term, which was appealing to her because it had over 11 million global searches and 4 million local searches.
However, when you enter this term into Google; it will generate links to everything from dentistry to whiskey.
This client sells handbags and accessories.
The fact that the results that are generated for this term have nothing to do with accessories is a good indicator to NOT use this term.
Looking at the broad match search volumes rather than the exact match search volumes is a common mistake made by many businesses.
This method will only produce irrelevant traffic and soaring bounce rates.
For this particular client who sells crocodile handbags, I suggested keywords that are more specific to her product.
Keywords like crocodile wallet and crocodile handbags yielded smaller yet still very impressive search results, 10k global/5k local and 12k global/7k local respectively.
10 thousand shoppers looking for what you're selling will be more beneficial than 11 million people looking for dental work and a shot of bourbon.
The keywords that you select should be relevant, have a high search volume and be the keywords searchers are using who intend to purchase.
Remember, "Riches are in the niches.
" Identify narrow, focused keywords that are great matches between what you have and what your customers.

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