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Professional Looking Seams With Overlocking Machines

Overlocking machines can create those professional looking seams seen in quality manufactured clothing.
You can do this at home with the overlock machine, also known as babylock or serger.
These machines actually trim, stitch and overcast seam for durability and a finished appearance.
Long ago, sewing certain materials was difficult because the fabric raveled after sewing.
Even if the seams were cut with pinking shears, the raveling continued.
Overlocking machines stop this from occurring by overcasting the edge of the machine.
Flat fell seams such as those on the outside of blue jeans can be created with this type of machine as well.
The babylock actually uses two, three or four needles and two, three or even four separate threads at one time to perform the sewing tasks.
These machines do not replace the traditional sewing machine which is perfect for sewing simple seams.
This equipment adds to the sewing enthusiasts' capabilities, allowing addition of a seam finish that appears almost like crochet.
Overlocking machines can be used to add elegant touches to the exterior of clothes.
The edges of cuffs, colors and plackets can be enhanced with a chain of overlocking loops.
Sergers are more difficult to thread than the average sewing machine because several threads must be threaded in the correct manner in order for the machine to operate and function properly.
Also, removing stitching sewn by this type of equipment can be much more difficult than stitching created with a regular sewing machine.
Overlocking machines are usually for more advanced seamstresses.
While you can attend classes in the art of this technique, it is necessary to fully accomplish the basic skills needed in machine sewing before delving into babylock, overlock or serging.
The cost of babylockers or sergers tends to be slightly higher than the price of plain stitch sewing machines.
However, with new software operated sewing machines, there may not be a great deal of difference.
The additional equipment is a wonderful compliment to add to your collection of sewing equipment.
Compare the cost and features of various overlocking machines online and locally before you decide on a brand and model to purchase.
Determine whether a two-needed machine will suffice or if you really need a three needle or even a four needle machine to accomplish your tasks effectively and quickly.
Overlocking can be fun and quite easy once you master the basic technique.
Books, classes, software and DVDs can be obtained to learn how to operate these machines and the proper times to apply overlocking.

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