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Cell Phone Spying Software: Amazingly Invasive Technology

So I came across this software the other day while doing some research on the internet. I saw an advertisement for mSpy coupon codes and followed the link to find out more. It was intriguing and frightening all at the same time. This software is a type of spying/tracking software that you install on mobile phones. Hence the "m" in mSpy.

It went on to explain how it is undetectable on someone's phone because of its operating in stealth mode. Therefore, someone has to sneak another person's phone away and install the software without them knowing. That's kind of scary. I or you could have this on our phones now and not know it. Below I have listed some of the thing that the software claims to do.

Saving Emails and Text Messages

It keeps a record of all emails and texts both incoming and outgoing. Then, it delivers them to the email of whoever installed the software. It shows the dates and times as well as who sent or received them. This is a feature I could definitely see parents using to keep track of their teenagers. I'm not sure I agree with that invasion of privacy but I think it would prove warranted under certain circumstances.

Listening to Conversations That Aren't Calls

Now this is the scary part. Apparently this is not something your ordinary spy products offer. You are able to listen in on conversations that take place off of the phone by using the cell phone's internal microphone. So if this was on my phone, then whoever installed it could set a specific time for it to start recording and if I were hanging out with friends it would record that and send it to their email. Also, it has a Skype function that logs private conversations. Now we're talking about some 007 kind of stuff.

View Future Schedule

Not only can you find out what they are doing but you can find out what they're going to do. This mSpy software grants you access to the cell phone's calendar. Someone could find out your birthday, meetings you have, scheduled appointments, etc.

Other Capabilities Included are:

Call Blocking: The owner of the software can specify certain telephone numbers to block calls from.

Website Blocking: It can also block websites in the same way.

App Management: The software user can see the installed apps and can manage them as well as choose which ones to block. This is good for monitoring a child's internet usage.

Key Logging: The key logger feature will let you see everything that's typed on the phone including passwords and logins. Although, this option is only available on android phones.

Security: Users can start, erase, or pause the mSpy app at any time. They can lock the phone as well as erase data from the phone. All of this is by way of a provided online control page.

Spy Data Management: Users can set up how the phone data's transferred. They can use only Wi-Fi or use the phone's data plan. Reporting can even be set according to GPS. The total control of the cell phone with this software is phenomenal.

As you can see from the information above, this is extremely powerful software that anyone can buy. Plus, not only can anyone and everyone buy it but I followed a link for mSpy coupon codes. Therefore, anyone can get it at a discount as well. So those interested in buying also have a way to make it even more affordable and accessible than it already is. If the public can get and use this kind of spying technology there's no telling what the government is capable of. Good luck resting well knowing that fact tonight.

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