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Bullet-Proof Financial Leverage with Infinite Banking

Various economic trends and happenings keep many of us from taking that step out of our financial comfort zone. Whether it is due to the fact that we have no other considerable options to take, or that we do not want to take them for the sake of it is left up to you as a person. Infinite Banking can be a great tool for "bullet-proofing" your financial blueprint. Certain economic trends force us to make adjustments that favor the future of our financial stance and certain tools can help us in specific economic times. It works both ways. With fluctuations in almost every industry it is most certain that from a whole perspective that things might look chaotic. Here are a few different economic situations/trends and with it I have listed reasons why the Infinite Banking Concept can help "bullet-proof" them against inherent risk.

We are Living Longer as Individuals

In times when we the retirement age and the average age of death were very close, social security, medicare, and other supplemental vehicles worked. Now it is a whole different animal. Utilization of the Infinite Banking Concept, can not only help you become your own bank, but can decrease your reliance on other government subsidized programs. You get to fund a whole life insurance policy that in turn will offer you a whole lot more than what the government can.

More People with Credit Card Debt

How many times have you heard someone say to you, "If only I didn't have so much credit card debt, then I would be in the clear?" Not only with Infinite Banking can you pay off that debt, but you can in such a way that allows you to gain your lost interest back into your pocket. Let's say you owe $2,000 in credit card debt. Now borrow that $2,000 from your bank at an interest of 8%. You must be saying, "that is way too high", but the fact is that you are making your original amount plus the 8% interest. Unlike a traditional bank where once you pull the money out and pay the credit card company you lose that money. With Infinite Banking you gain that $2,000 back plus interest. Now how does that sound?

Here are some more economic trends that the Infinite Banking Concept can help with. Please feel free to comment and leave other trends that I may have left out that you feel are worthy.
  • Rising foreclosure rates among residential buyers
  • More college debt/student
  • Consumer spending
  • Rising Insurance Costs
  • Higher gas prices

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