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Registered Nursing Jobs - Alternative Work Environments

Studies show that the United States will have a shortage of 800,000 positions in its nursing labor force by the year 2020. These numbers indicate that nursing jobs are here to stay and with such a shortage of supply comes a relatively higher pay. Registered nursing jobs are indeed a lucrative career.

Let us look at the different work environments available for registered nursing jobs. Registered nurses are not just limited to practice in hospitals. There are a lot of alternative work environments where they can offer their services and earn a good pay. Hospitals are not the only institutions where they can practice their profession. Enlisted below are some alternative work environments where RN jobs are viable.

Home Health Care

This work environment is becoming popular as insurance companies find it as a cost-effective alternative of care provision. Moreover, it has been shown that patients who receive nursing care in their homes improve in their health issues and conditions more swiftly. Registered nursing jobs in the field of home health care consist of caring for the aged, community health nursing, intervention for children who have special needs, regular home visiting for chronic care patients, and home visiting of newborns.

Occupational Health

RN jobs in this field include physical examinations, initial assessments, medical needs assessments of patients who have injuries brought about by their work conditions. They can also provide valuable medical advice to both employees and employers on how to create a better and SAFER work environment for the workforce.

Public Health

Registered nursing jobs in this sector consist of involvement in making policies that contribute to the greater and "healthy" good of the public. In this sense, a nurse's influence goes to the next level from patient to public. Policies involving birth control, nutrition, preventive care, sanitation, and infectious disease control are only some of the issues with public health care. RN jobs in public health care demand focus, firm resolve, and commitment. This work environment is probably the most satisfying for the individual who wants to be socially responsible.

School Setting

Let us not forget that registered nursing jobs are also available in school environments. They manage the needs of all students in either just one campus or all affiliate campuses of the same school. We cannot avoid injuries and medical issues where children abound. Registered nursing jobs in this field are well trained to do emergency care. A nurse becomes the primary health contact of the student patient in a school setting when a doctor is not around. For this reason, registered nursing jobs are always available in this sector.


Hospices offer a setting that is "just like home". Most patients in these care units are either severely ill or terminal cases. Registered nursing jobs in this setting includes personal involvement with patients who are suffering from health conditions that are seemingly hopeless. With these opportunities in abundance, starting a career in nursing can be your ticket to financial freedom and self fulfillment.

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