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Why Your Website Should Have Original Content

Content is king. Everybody knows that, right? Wrong. As an SEO writer, I want to debunk this myth. While in most cases the written word is needed before e-commerce can take place, the content is king myth is destroyed when you take into account the value of the content.

SEO Writers and the Value of Original Content

When webmasters say that content is king, what they really mean is unique, relevant content. Many forget this. The web is progressing to a point where it's not enough to just regurgitate general info stuff with keywords. This is why a good SEO writer is invaluable.

The #1 Way to Drive Visitors Away from Your Site: The $5 SEO Writer

Readers want insightful, in-depth content that solves a problem. Consider this: how many times have you clicked on an article because the title suggested that it would have the answer to your question, only to be disappointed because the information is so generic that you come away frustrated.

$5/Per Article SEO Writers Equal Marginal Results

A lot of website articles pay for content, content, content. They use $5 per article SEO writers who have neither the time nor incentive to produce informative, in-depth content. Most of them don't even know the subject matter they're covering.

The may do just enough reading to cobble together an article that makes little sense, but contains enough keywords to drive traffic to the webmaster's site. But, the user leaves frustrated and feeling like their time has been wasted.

Now, how often do you think they will come back to your site if it is filled with generic content written by a $5 per article SEO writer that gets them to land on your page - but little else? Not soon. This is where hiring excellent SEO writers come into play.

Why Investing in Good SEO Writers Will Increase Site Traffic, Sales and Subscribers to Your Site

Good SEO writers turn web surfers into buyers. How? If a reader feels like they've learned something from the content on your site - they'll be more likely to return. Not only that, they'll tell their friends, link to your content from their sites - building traffic seamlessly for years to come.

If you sell a product or service on the web, remember, it's not about the content - it's about the value the content provides to the end user (the web surfer, your prospects). And, the beauty of owning an internet business is that you can have your content working for you 24/7 - driving sales, encourage repeat orders and ultimately creating a nice passive income.

How would you like to earn $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or more per month - just because you have enough good content on your site that it drives repeat visitors?

You can. But the initial investment must be made in good, informative content first. Otherwise, you will ultimately be wasting your time. Because, while your visitor count may be up, your bank account will remain the same.

This is the value of good SEO content and why excellent SEO writers will always be in demand.

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