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Understanding Who God is from the Christian Perspective

The concept of God and who He is is something that generates heated debates everywhere. It is not possible to fully understand the concept of who God is but different religions have different beliefs. According to Christian teachings, God is a Superior being, a higher power that we are all accountable to. Most of the teachings in the Christian religion are derived from the Bible. From this, they explain who God is and His role in our lives. God is explained as three beings dwelling as one. This is what is known as the Holy Trinity where God is the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. For non-Christians, this is usually a hard concept to grasp but the basic principle in the Christian teachings is faith.  That means believing in the unseen and the unexplained.

Christianity believes in monotheism; this is the belief that there is only one God. They have attributed some characteristics to God and use those to describe Him. Some of these include:

- Creator- He created the universe, including man, in 6 days and gave it life.

- Saviour- He saved mankind from sin by sacrificing His only son, Jesus Christ.

- Eternal- He is everlasting and has no end.

- Provider- He provides mankind with everyday needs. He also provides for the animals and all living things.

- Protector- God protects us from all sorts of evil and keeps us safe no matter who we are.

- Powerful- He has the power to give or take away anything. He is also known as the Mighty Ruler in charge of both the seen and the unseen.

- Omnipresent- He is always around. God is always available and present anywhere and everywhere we are.

There is no shortage of terms used to describe God in the Christian faith. He is all things encompassing. He is superior to all things and transcends human understanding and capabilities. He is understood to be a forgiving God and compassionate. The Christian religion also teaches that people should live according to the will of God and should follow the commandments He set. God wants mankind to live as one people with love and unity. Christianity also believes that God punishes those that disobey Him and that some day, He will call us all to judgment. It also believes that all of us are children of God and he is therefore responsible for us. God knows everything in our lives, even our deepest secrets and desires. According to Christianity, everything that happens to us is God's will and that He always has a reason for everything He does. God is also perfect; He does not make mistakes. Being the giver of life, God has a right to take it away. It is believed that when a person dies, they have fulfilled God's purpose for them on earth.

However much we try to understand God, we cannot possibly grasp everything He entails. He is complex and mysterious. All we can do is believe in His superiority.

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