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How to Enclose a Crawl Space

    • 1). Eliminate any air vents that vent directly into the crawlspace by using a flathead screwdriver to pry the interior/exterior facing off the openings. Stuff the hole with small strips of aluminum-faced insulation, which reflects heat back into the space. Doing so eliminates outside air access, thus prevents heat from escaping during colder months.

    • 2). Hammer in wire staves (insulation "hangers") every 15 to 18 inches on the interior of the crawlspace; do this only on the four walls of the space and not the ceiling to allow trapped heat to warm the floor over the top of the crawlspace.

    • 3). Cut insulation batts that conform roughly to the height of the crawlspace walls. Cut 15 to 18 inch sections of insulation (whichever measurement you used, so long as it matches the distance between the wire staves) and hang them onto the staves per the manufacturer's guidelines.

    • 4). Fill the corners in between the hung installation with the batts. Push them flush to the walls in between the insulation crevices to ensure a snug, firm and energy-efficient fit. Once done, cut strips of insulation to wrap around any duct or wiring work that hangs in the crawlspace.

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