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Home Treatment for Gout

    Weight Loss

    • Many of those who suffer from gout tend to be overweight, as the more weight on your body the more uric acid your body produces. Losing weight gradually will help decrease the acid, which will alleviate gout attacks. Avoid following fad diets that promise fast weight loss, as a quick, drastic loss in weight can also raise uric acid production. A loss of one to two pounds a week is satisfactory.

    Avoid Alcohol

    • Alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of a gout attack by creating uric acid. It also hinders the kidneys' ability to function properly, which allows a buildup of the acid, which can bring on a gout attack. Beer in particular should be avoided, as it contains purine, another mineral that assists in uric acid production.

    Increase Water Intake

    • Increasing your intake of water will help dilute the uric acid in your body and make it easier for you to excrete it more quickly. Doctors ordinarily recommended drinking six to eight glasses of water daily, but gout sufferers are encouraged to consume eight to 10 glasses of water per day.

    Control Your Blood Pressure

    • Controlling your blood pressure will also help you treat gout because many medications prescribed to treat the condition can contribute to higher uric acid levels. Eating healthy, exercising and managing stress will help keep your blood pressure low and reduce the need to to take medication.

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