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5 Internet Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

The world of internet marketing has evolved over the years. Along with the evolution also comes a lot of Bad information on how to do internet marketing. To that end I am giving you what I believe to be the top 5 tips for small business internet marketing in 2009.

1-Internal link structure. Everyone who markets a website is concerned in getting links to their site and spend a lot of time and effort to do just that. What many people do not understand is how valuable their own internal links to other pages on their own site are. Make sure that you link to your internal pages with the correct anchor text. This can go a long way to improve rankings.

Sometimes it is not possible from the main navigation bar, but in that case a footer is a great way to get that done without making your site look bad. The search engines want to know what you say the page is about. That will count for more than anything because it is your page on your site. After that, a link from a 3rd party to verify that you are telling the truth will do a lot more in bumping those rankings.

2-The social sites are all the rage, and they should be but perhaps not for what you are thinking. The links coming from social sites will not be a huge boost for your site in the rankings by themselves, though any and every link is a good thing. The idea with the social sites and why you should pay attention to them is to connect with your customers. You need to make a presence there. Your customers would never invite you to come into their home 24/ 7, but they will allow you do so through social media, as long as you keep it real. This is a no pitching zone.

3-Content, Content, Content! In the end, you need to make a contribution to the online community. There are a number of ways to do this, including articles, blogs, video, podcasts, etc. Remember the key is you need to contribute to, not clutter up the internet. Content will allow you to become the leader in your industry which can get you the trust that you need to increase sales.

Implement these tips into your small business internet marketing efforts and you will and you will find that you start making headway in the rankings.

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