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How to Restart a Pilot on a Heating Unit

    • 1). Check to make sure the gas is on. Look at the main gas valve by the meter, as well as the shut-off valve in the gas line just before the unit which is known as a gas-cock. Turn the valve on if either is closed. Turn the gas-cock by the unit off if both valves are open. Wait 10 minutes to allow any collected gas to dissipate, and turn the valve back on.

    • 2). Locate the pilot by following the gas line for the pilot, and the thermocouple from the gas valve to the burner, where they are both mounted together on a mounting block. Turn the dial on the gas valve to the pilot setting. Light the match or lighter, and hold it by the pilot. Press the red button down, and the pilot should light immediately. Hold the button down for approximately 1 minute, and slowly release the button.

    • 3). Turn the gas-cock off if the pilot fails to stay lit. Wait 10 minutes, and turn the gas-cock back on. Repeat the procedure of holding the lit match or lighter to the pilot while pressing on the red button on the gas valve. Call a qualified service person if the pilot flame goes out a second time.

    • 4). Turn the knob on the gas valve to the on position if the pilot flame stays on. Turn the thermostat temperature setting up, and check for proper operation.

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